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Student Handbook

Our Mission: Gibson Ek personalizes learning for each student, guiding them as they develop their passions and purpose through authentic work that impacts the wider world in ways that matter most to them and their communities.


On behalf of the Gibson Ek High School staff, we would like to welcome you to the 2023-24 school year! Our goal is to provide a safe and caring environment, where ALL students experience a positive learning environment. We strongly encourage you to pursue excellence in your academic studies, become actively engaged in the co-curricular programs that our school has to offer, and treat everyone at Gibson Ek High School with respect and kindness. This handbook includes our policies, procedures, and important information. Please refer to the handbook when questions arise. You may also refer to the our school website for updated contact information for staff, teacher websites, event dates, and more.

CEEB/School Code Number

The CEEB/school code number for Gibson Ek High students in relation to testing (PSAT, SAT, ACT), college applications scholarships, post-secondary information is 480002.

Gibson Ek Admission Contract

By accepting admission to Gibson Ek, students and their families agree to this contract for learning:

As a Gibson Ek student, I understand that I am responsible for my learning and value the learning of all students and staff at Gibson Ek. I have the opportunity to drive my own learning to meet graduation requirements, and I acknowledge that I play a key role in my success at Gibson Ek High School. I will work each day to help myself reach my best potential, and I will respect and value the learning of all students and staff at Gibson Ek.

I understand that Gibson Ek requires students to:

  • work closely with an advisor who provides guidance and support as students engage in school and develop Learning Plans
  • reach beyond school to establish and attend internships and real world experiences two days per week
  • engage in rigorous project work both independently and collaboratively
  • establish time management, organization skills, and self-motivation
  • find inspiration to lead learning while being immersed in an innovative and collaborative school environment
  • embrace technology for personalization and new challenges
  • contribute to a kind, positive, and respectful school culture
  • invest in and commit to deeper learning as an integral part of the school
  • learn how to learn, think critically, and solve complex problems
  • gain the confidence to push themselves and develop positive beliefs about themselves as learners
  • develop the maturity to communicate with adults in the workplace as well as at school
  • develop the courage and skills to explore interests, passions, and talents
  • present academic work through frequent public exhibitions and a portfolio
  • explore a variety of colleges and career options

Exhibiting a pattern of not honoring these commitments will result in varied interventions up to and including discussion about the appropriateness of placement at this choice school and possible return to the student’s neighborhood school.

Handbook Sections

Gibson Ek High School

General School Policies and Procedures

Review general handbook information for the school year, including items such as counseling resources and dress code.

Attendance Policies and Procedures

Attendance expectations as well as details on make up work, extended illness and general procedures for the school year.

Learning Plan

Student Conduct and Discipline

Behavioral expectations for all students during the school year.


Student Records and Information

Information regarding FERPA and release of student information.

students with mentor

Student Co/Extra Curricular Activities

Information regarding various extracurricular activities, sports and clubs for the school year.

Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying and Non-Discrimination

Information on equitable conduct, HIB, sexual harassment and other expectations for the school year.