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How delays or cancellations impact T-Th schedules


In the midst of winter weather and COVID surges, Gibson Ek may experience a two-hour late start or even a cancellation. What should students do if that happens on an LTI (internship or mentorship) day?  

If school is canceled, the day is no longer considered a school day. This means students will not attend their LTIs, whether they are in-person internships or remote mentorships.

If Gibson Ek starts two hours late, this is a school day, so LTIs continue. Students who attend in person at a work site may need to arrive late depending on the time of day and local weather conditions.

In any case, the student should always communicate with the mentor (and advisor) if school is canceled or if the start time needs to be altered for safety reasons.

On delayed Tuesdays and Thursdays, students who come to campus start at 10:50 a.m. with the usual 1 p.m. T-Th dismissal for afternoon Self-Directed Learning time.