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New Drop-Off/Pick-Up Routine

general announcement

Heads-up that beginning Monday, February 12, Clark Elementary is changing their drop-off/pick-up routine. As long as Gibson Ek students are parked and families have completed drop-off no later than 8:45 AM, you won't notice a change to your routine.  Students can continue to come down the driveway to find parking, and families can drop their students at the top of the loop. Students and families arriving late, however, will have to drop students at the community center or wait in the long line to come up 1st Place. 

Between 8:45-9:15, Clark will have drop-off spots extending around the full traffic loop at the top of the hill. They will bring nine cars into the loop at a time for drop-off. Cars pulling into the Gibson Ek parking lot can do so once they are waived through by the attendant. Remember 1st Place is one lane going up and one lane going down, so please do not skip cars to pull into oncoming traffic. Once the drop-off is complete, traffic will return to standard. 

In the afternoon, we're hopeful Clark pick-up will be done by 3:50, but you may find that meeting your student at the community center is more convenient. Between 3:40-3:55, Clark will also use the same system and full traffic loop for pick-up. 

There have been recent collisions and near collisions. Clark staff are working hard to be more efficient and keep everyone safe. We all appreciate your support in making this adjustment.     

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