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For Class of 2020 Seniors

Gibson Ek is one of over 250 (and growing!) Mastery Transcript Consortium member schools from around the country and the world.

Gibson Ek’s Class of 2020 was MTC’s first full senior class to use the transcript for college applications, and one of our students was the first to be accepted to a college using the transcript. Colleges from throughout the state and around the country have accepted Gibson Ek students.

The MTC transcript shows not only the competencies students have met and the courses they've taken, but it allows them to select their best work -- projects, internships and other learning experiences -- and  showcase it to colleges, technical programs, summer programs, scholarship committees, and post-high school internships. 

Accessing & Sending Senior Transcripts During Emergency Closure (PDF)

GEHS Student Transcript Guide (PDF)

Communicating with Colleges

Once your transcript is published, you can send colleges (or other recipients) a link and an access code to view your transcript and project evidence. You can also send colleges a PDF of your full transcript with links to your evidence. 

Online Access

  1. Login to and select Export Official PDF (if you do not see this option, contact your advisor)
  2. Save this PDF and send a copy to your recipient. Recipients get a web address and access code to view your transcript. 
  3. Your access code remains valid even as your transcript is updated, so it’s not necessary to send a new code after you make changes.

Full PDF Version

If an institute does not accept an interactive transcript, you can send a pdf version.

  1. Login to and select Preview Transcript
  2. At the top of the screen select Export Full Transcript as PDF
  3. Save this PDF and send a copy to your recipient

Official Transcript

If you are asked for an official transcript, contact the counselor or follow directions on the Counseling at Gibson Ek blog.