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High School & Beyond Plan

Gibson Ek students meet Washington State's High School & Beyond Plan graduation requirement by:

  • creating Learning Plans every year, and submitting a final (Learning Cycle 3) Learning Plan that includes the student's post-high school plan;

  • creating a resume freshman year, updating it each year, and submitting a final senior year resume;

  • completing the internship requirement.

About the High School & Beyond Plan

The High School & Beyond Plan (HSBP) provides students with the opportunity to explore their own skills and interests and discover potential careers and educational options. This personalized plan helps to connect career interests with students' choices about their labs, independent projects, capstones, and internships. The plan helps students identify the steps needed to reach post-secondary goals.

The HSBP is a student-led graduation requirement and provides a means for tracking requirements for graduation from high school and entry into post-secondary programs and careers.

Students start their plans in middle school, and then continue to revise them throughout high school to accommodate changing interests or educational and career goals. Early exploration might start with interest surveys on Xello, and is then developed through internship experiences, independent and collaborative project exploration, design lab experiences, capstone mentorship opportunities, and other student experiences on and off campus. 

HSBP is a Washington State and Issaquah School District graduation requirement.


What is Xello?

  • An online program that Issaquah School District students use to complete the High School and Beyond requirement.​
  • Each student has a  Xello account beginning in 6th grade, and they can explore careers, post high school opportunities, and a wide variety of college options through their Xello account.​
  • Students can use the About Me page in Xello to list their interests and skills, and any education, work, and volunteer experiences they have had, which builds toward a future resume.​

Career Discovery (Xello)

More About Xello