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GIBSON EK STUDENTS CHASE AFTER THEIR CURIOSITIES through rigorous interest-based learning and real-world internships. Gibson Ek follows a non-traditional learning model: Students earn academic competencies through projects rather than earning grades through courses, and students connect with mentors in the real world through internships two days a week.

Students do not cover the curriculum that is delivered in a comprehensive high school so we cannot ensure that all core-subject matter is covered. However, Gibson Ek competencies embed the same skills and learning targets that are important in comprehensive schools and are present in Common Core State Standards. Students at Gibson Ek can demonstrate mastery of these skills through learning that is relevant to their own lives rather than meeting them through curriculum directed by a teacher. Gibson Ek students are encouraged to learn through projects that they create based on their interests and personal learning plans which means that they often learn deeper and retain information since their learning is relevant to their interests, vision, and future goals. Exceptions are math and writing. All students are required to progress through traditional math courses using our online provider, and every student must write a substantial 75 page autobiography. Students must take and pass the state mandated tests which include math and English language tests in order to graduate. If they wish, students may study a world language through an online program such as Duolingo or Rosetta Stone in order to pass the World Language Proficiency Exam for credit. Additionally, all 10th and 11th grade students take the PSAT and are encouraged to take other exams for college readiness.

Most importantly, we want students to love learning in an environment that is respectful and supportive as students strive to become the directors of their own learning.